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Have you ever had this recurring dream, a dream where you revisit a specific moment, a time when something went wrong? In Echo, you are in exactly that dream. You play as a young girl named Mira. A cautious girl who enjoys her comfort zones, but this time, she’ll have to leave them behind.

Venture into Mira’s subconscious, and watch her familiar surroundings fall apart. Overcome obstacles, as her mind fails to repress the memories of past events. But, Mira won’t have to face them alone. She will find aid along the way, deep in the water. Help Mira take control of her own mind, and confront the challenges to come.”


Echo is a storydriven adventure side-scroller created by ten developers during four weeks. Inspired by games such as Inside and Little nightmares, experience the story through the mechanic and environment, as you help mira figure out her past.

An avarage playthrough takes  7-15 minutes. It is possible and encouraged that you play the game with an X-box controller connected to your Windows PC, However, Keyboard works just fine.

WASD - Movement

Space - Jump 

Shift  - Interact

Install instructions

To play the game:

1. Download the Game.

2. Extract the files using Winrar or other software of your choice.

3. Open the "Echo" folder in the location that you choose.

4. Run the program by pressing the "EchoGame" 


Echo.zip 1 GB

Development log


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Awesome game and unique game idea! The whole depiction of the incident using visual cues played out really well! 


as a lover of little nightmares i got quite excited when i spotted this game and having now played it i must say i enjoyed it and look forward to your future games :). Subscribe for daily videos & let me know how i can make the channel better

I thought the game was really well done and would love to see more. I would suggest adding more audio to it as I thought it was  a bit too muted at times. Looking forward to seeing updates if there is more to come! :)

Looks like an INSIDE rip off. Is an INSIDE rip off/inspired by INSIDE. I love the graphics and scenery design though. amazing. Gameplay wasn't fun. Puzzles weren't fun. they were too easy, and yet the 'echo' easily got desynced with my character. (I don't know if that last part was done on purpose). Also, as amazing as the graphics and scenery were, overly detailed places would be shown in short instances of walking from one place to another, not giving too muich of a chance for it to be admired.  Finally, the one eared sound effects in certain places were irritating. The sounds should've been more balanced out, even if they were coming from one direction.

Tl;dr: I loved how it looked, it had major flaws that wouldn't sell as a proper functioning game.

This is a amazing game I’d love to see a full version of it well worth giving it a look.

ECHO | A Recurring Nightmare


There is no explanation, but I could see her mind. excellent graphics and atmosphere.👍

Glad you enjoyed it!


really enjoyed this game of yours!


This is a beautifully done game. Visually and a powerful story . What's most amazing is the story is just conveyed visually, didn't need any dialogue or text.  Very well done! 

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Thank you for your kind words, we're all glad that you liked it!


Can't believe I missed this when it released! Really glad I came back and took a look at it because this is some of the best and most concise mechanical and environmental storytelling I've seen in a game. The whole story was conveyed without a single line of written or spoken word and still managed to be clear and impactful. While very short and lacking a little bit in gameplay, it's still something that needs be played.

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We are also glad that you looked back up old games again! We did really but everything we had into telling a stsory through both the mechanic and environtment, we're glad you enjoyed it!


Very well done that left me aching for more.  This project is gold and has potential if you continue to persue it further.  Controls need refinement but overall it didn't hurt the expereince too much.

Thank you for your kind word. As of now, we're eagerly waiting for Swedish game awards and what it might hold for us!

Ya'lls game was really cool!

Glad you liked it. I see you had trouble with the controls, the newer version has been updated with control-scheme including keyboard!


Thank you for a great little keep up the great work 

Wonderful job! You guys did a great job paying homage to the overall feel of the games that inspired this and it was very well done from the mechanics to the models and other assets for something made in a month. The controls are a bit iffy, but can be overlooked. Be careful not to take so much inspiration from prominent games beyond the tone and setting that your work comes across as a copy instead of a project with your own voice. I think adding the mirror mechanic here went a long way towards setting Echo apart from being a Little Nightmares clone. Thumbs up and good luck with your next game!

Glad you liked the game, we are very happy with the mechanic and how it worked together with the environment and story. The ending is open, and you may interpret it as you want!

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woah, i must say, great game, with great artistic skills

good job everyone, loved the game. 

simple, clear and beautiful, and oh my god that ending. 

truly great work, looking forward, for a lot more than just this, please keep making more better games. 

i love, how it was not needed to actually use words to tell the story, brilliant work guys. 

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I am glad you enjoyed it! Hopefully we'll continue to make great games.  Glad you appreciate the story and the way it is told.



i dont know how you made this but this was incredible!! 10/10 :D wish there was so much more to this!! :) really awesome job on making this! :D
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Glad you liked our mechanic! Also neat that you mention Little Nightmares which was an inspiration to us :) It is unfortunatly not planned to be developed further however we are keeping our fingers cross for what the Swedish game awards might hold for us!

Really really awesome game! and you really do deserve to win!! :D


Such a good game! Amazing atmosphere and story!

Hello! It's always fun to see people interpreting the story, and that it varies between the gameplay videos, which was kind of the point, and part of the design of the game. Glad you enjoyed it, i really liked your video!

Echo is certainly a well crafted game and seems a nice homage to Little Nightmares by design. For something made in a month's time, the graphics and models were all pretty solid, with the textures and lighting working really well to keep a semi-realistic dreamworld in the player's eye. The mechanic of using a shadow in the water to help solve problems also worked pretty well, feeling rewarding once you figure things out. I'm normally not the best at puzzle games, but found this one enjoyable.

Good job on this, devs.

Thank you, we did work together to make sure that both the gameplay and artstyle fit the narrative. Nice play through man! Have a great day.


really like the game the shadow idea  was very cool and made me have to think more on how to get to the next room cant wait to see more of this game or more of you work!!


Hello! I really enjoyed the game and must say the way you architectured the story to be straight forward and yet very mistical untill the very end seems amazing! It is very difficult to keep a person attched to a game untill the very end, but, you did it so well I have nothing but praise for you! I honestly can't wait how you perfect this game, and wish you only the best in the future! 

Thank you for your kind words, i am glad it held you until the end and that you enjoyed it!


I love this game, I really hope you develop it further, I feel as though it could be really cool

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it. 

definitely would love to see more of this game, the camera is cool, the character movement is kinda good, just needs a bit more to be perfect , like edge grabbing while jumping and crouch maybe , it really reminds me of little nightmares alot because of the atmosphere, the camera and the character controller, also limbo/Inside puzzles , which is great to get compared to such titles , keep up the good work :)

Thank you so much for your feedback! It's pleasant to me as a developer to see that the games which you mention in your post are the same game which we looked at and said we wanted to try to tell a story in the same way, while also brining something new to the field! Thank you so much once again.


Great Game my friens Like

Cool game I really enjoyed it especially the shadow and its different from Little nightmare and Inside.

I am glad you enjoyed it :)

Got to play it too, and I liked it. I wanted more puzzles of course but I'm hopeful for an Echo 2. ;)


Thanks for playing our game, glad you liked it! 

Hey everyone, I have to say that I had a play and managed to complete it in 7 minutes and I enjoyed it. I used the keyboard to navigate around and did find it just a tad little hard to control but it wasn't a real problem.

Graphically, it is so well polished it's great and I thought it was great how you could see the water underneath the floorboards. THe overall T&l was great.

Puzzle wise, I liked the idea of having a shadow character which you can control to help you with the various puzzles.

Overall, I was really impressed. Well done everyone.



Happy you enjoyed it, and glad that it worked out with the keyboard only!