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Have you ever had this recurring dream, a dream where you revisit a specific moment, a time when something went wrong? In Echo, you are in exactly that dream. You play as a young girl named Mira. A cautious girl who enjoys her comfort zones, but this time, she’ll have to leave them behind.

Venture into Mira’s subconscious, and watch her familiar surroundings fall apart. Overcome obstacles, as her mind fails to repress the memories of past events. But, Mira won’t have to face them alone. She will find aid along the way, deep in the water. Help Mira take control of her own mind, and confront the challenges to come.”


Echo is a storydriven adventure side-scroller created by ten developers during four weeks. Inspired by games such as Inside and Little nightmares, experience the story through the mechanic and environment, as you help mira figure out her past.

An avarage playthrough takes  7-15 minutes. It is possible and encouraged that you play the game with an X-box controller connected to your Windows PC, However, Keyboard works just fine.

WASD - Movement

Space - Jump 

Shift  - Interact

Install instructions

To play the game:

1. Download the Game.

2. Extract the files using Winrar or other software of your choice.

3. Open the "Echo" folder in the location that you choose.

4. Run the program by pressing the "EchoGame" 


Echo.zip 1 GB

Development log


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Love the game and the history I wish that the game were longer than it is, the ambience is amazing whit a perfect sound design and optimization.

can the game run on a windows 7 laptop?

Loved the game! Would have preferred if the story about the dream was told , even a little bit . Any way , really appreciate the  ambiance. 

Well made game. Lovely design! Would recommend but not personally my style. :)

The sound was effective.

art amazing!!

art amazing!!

it was fun. Well made and thought provoking

Cool game!


A Kiss For You

A great example of economy of narrative, combined with an innovative puzzle mechanic that at times could be a little bit easier on the player (in terms of more forgiving controls, brightness/contrast). A lovely little art game, bravo!

a very intresting game, but with some bugs. might want to put like a brightness setting tho, its hard to play when i cant see the player.

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good game

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Que lastima que

 no es más largo me he quedado

 con ganas de seguir jugando. 

Felicidades por el juego.

and that's a good thing

Just by the trailer alone I can tell it looks very similar to little nightmares

This game was absolutely gorgeous and the ending really took me by suprise. Everyone who worked on this project did a great job!

Thank you so much for the superb and shockingly emotional game!

We both loved it :D

I like how this quick little story side scroller game!  The details and atmosphere were very good! 

This game has potential to be the next little nightmares, limbo or inside. Love the game so much that it has left me wanting more. To see more of mira and how her mind works. Please continue to work on this game or a game similar to this because it was so fun and I would love to play this game again if it was ever released fully.

Theres wasn't any problems in my playthough however, I do have some improvements that could be made to the game.

1. Make the game bigger by adding more areas to the game. The downfall of this game is that the game is way too short for the player to have a clear understanding on what the storyline is. Adding more areas and telling the story through enviromental storytelling and through dialogue (It can just all be enviromental and then leave it up to the player to piece everything together) will keep the player engaged longer and be wanting a lot more from the game.

2. Adding a crouch and mantle mechanic. If you look at similar games like the ones I have mentioned, they all have a crouch and mantle control mechanic and make use of these in a variety of ways. Maybe look into implimenting something similar into the game. It just adds more to the gameplay and the experience to the game. Little nightmares has it so everything is climbable as long as you can reach it. Maybe add a similar mechanic to the game.

3. Add some kind of antagonist. I get that you want the water to be the main antagonist but you also have to think that the player is exploring a mind of a child. There imagination can conjure up unspeakable monstrosities. Take advantage of that and add more enemies to the game to give the game a more challenging feel but don't forget to make these monsters fit into the story of the game. An nexample of this would be something like a monster that is linked to water to help tell the story of how mira came to be in the water. I go more in depth in my video so I hope you enjoy and good luck for the future of this game and others you will work on. 

I've should done my research first and notice that you were a group of students from Future Games and not seeing that from the end credit. But hey, sometimes we just miss things. Not that it is bad or anything but it feels like so many talented programmers and designers can be found at Future Games and with Echo you prove you have the talent for making games in the future. 

The choice of style for the game fits perfectly. It feels you manage to create this dream world you were going for in Mira's mind. I can see why a game like little nightmare would be a good inspiration for this.
A story that getting unfold while you moving forward, good. At first I didn't get it, but the more to the end it made it all more clear and it is a good and sad story. 
Having that shadow figure around is a cool idea for a gameplay and makes up for a interesting puzzle solving. Sure some of the problems here weren't to hard to figure out but it leaves alot of ideas how to create good puzzle for later games with a similar style and gameplay. 

Echo is a fun and amazing to look at game. Sharpen you skills and you will be able to make even more amazing games in the future. 

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Would love to see more of the game! Here's my gameplay and thoughts! 

You definitely left me wanting more.

pretty cool game :D

This was a really well made short game. I love games that can tell a story through the game play without spoon feeding everything to the player, and this does just that. The  mechanics and controls on point too, this is a very creative, fun game and well worth playing. 

You really outdid yourselves, the game is beautiful and is very interesting, I hope you continue working on this and turn it into a full game! it would Definitely blow up!

Very nice! Is there any interest in making another version for steam? If you are I work for a publishing company and would like to talk :)

This was great! The graphics were beautiful in that haunting sort of way in Little Nightmares. There was just enough story that I had an idea of what was going on without it being openly telegraphed, and the mirror mechanic was great! I honestly would love to see this expanded upon.

Very high-quality art for such a small project. You guys did a great job of capturing that sort of INSIDE/Little Nightmares vibe even with this short experience. The puzzles weren't too complex, I did especially like using the "echo" to solve them. I felt like that part could have been taken even further. While the story is open to interpretation, I definitely felt like I had a good idea of what you guys were going for (mainly based on the river/ambulance scene). All in all, I thought it was a great little experience so I put together this video of it. I'd love to see more projects by your team in the future!

THE LINE BETWEEN LIFE & DEATH | Echo Full Gameplay Walkthrough

I'M DROWING IN SYMBOLISM!.. amazing game btw guys 


Is there any way to adjust the resolution on this game? I can play but the frame rates are... not so good. Is there any way to change settings because I would like to play but I can't seem to figure out how to do this. My GPU is very very very bad. 


You can't change the settings  in the game. I had the same problem. What you can do is change you resolution in your display settings.


hey just wanted to drop some feedback. honestly one of the better indie games ive played in awhile. to start off i really enjoyed the art style of the game, very little nightmare-ish, looks really awesome. i didn't really experience any glitches or lag, for me at least, it ran smoothly. one of my favorite things was the solving puzzle mechanic, being capable to use the characters shadow to assist the character with the puzzle solving, i thought that was really cool.i hope theres a like a full development for this game, id really like to see where it goes. good job the game guys keep up the amazing work!

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This game was totally awesome! I loved the little nightmares feeling. Also, it had a feeling of innocence.


I loved this game, too short, dark atmosphere


Best part about Echo? The atmosphere. Adding background sounds to each room really helped and the outdoor scene with the ambulance has excellent lighting. The worth part is the controls, they're a bit clunky. I'm sure you know.

I would love to see more games you make :)

We're all glad you enjoyed it!

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